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pontiac torrent lean code

My 2008 pontiac torrent throws obd code #p0171 and p0306? for problem with cylinder number 6 first,that may help solving the lean code.


P0171 System too lean (Bank 1) trouble code definition and repair tips. Lean codes are incredibly difficult to diagnose. And it's one trouble


Lean codes are incredibly difficult to diagnose. And it's one trouble code where you don't want to start throwing parts at the problem. The guys


Pontiac Torrent Lean Code << pontiac bonneville wikipedia somerset gmc pontiac pontiac 460 stroker 2002 pontiac grand prix gt pontiac pete


2007 Pontiac Torrent: For 2007, standard ABS and traction control were though grip is decent, but quite a bit of body lean occurs in turns.


It may SAY its running lean and be fulla crap. You really need the code(s) - could be lean on just one bank, both 2002 Pontiac Torrent


2006 Pontiac Torrent Owner Manual. the PONTIAC Emblem are registered trademarks; and the name TORRENT is a trademark of General Motors Corporation.... Occupants should not lean on or sleep against the door.


Pontiac Torrent Problems General Discussion (Generation 7) but an error code which they removed but I have been searching the net and found I would tend to lean towards a BCM issue, since it seems more specific to


Get the latest reviews of the 2008 Pontiac Torrent. is easy to drive, stays on course easily and body lean through curves is less than for some of its competitors.. We need a zip code to show listings in your local area!


Or is your check engine light on, with codes PO300, PO171, PO174 and PO332? by BrianOdom under. 2006-2005 Pontiac Torrent. S20006 2004 Buick




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