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how to defeat license plate readers

Using this as a template, but using 5w IR LED's instead of many smaller LED's i'm thinking of building something to blind those ever increasing


Unfortunately, no that doesn't work at all. You can find plenty of places that will debunk that. Try it for yourself if you would like. If Atlana has scanner


I have been focusing on this issue as now is the time to defeat the The technology to do it is called automatic license plate recognition (ALPR)


... "home position" for detection and optical zoom to identify people, license plates etc. This leaves PTZ cameras vulnerable to defeat by decoys e.g. a decoy can and Licence Plate Recognition) to allow Detection and Identification to occur


DOWNEY An officer's license plate reader helped Downey Police rescue a woman and her two young daughters who were being held


New license plate readers, though, could help them keep better tabs on Tech Beat: Chelsea exhibit floods viewers with new uses for water


In this week's look at all things police-related, a home health worker reported that her elderly client struck her.


Back in 2007, New York ordered license plate readers that would be.. Seems like this would be really easy to defeat with a magic marker if


A license plate reading device was the tool that led to a stolen car arrest near Clackamas on Thursday morning.



IR LED's to defeat License Plate Recognition - AcuraZine Community



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