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fender squire guitars serial numbers

Hi im new on the whole squier front so sorry if i seem a bit stupid. But i recently was given a squier strat from my dad and he said he got about


I have a Squier with a "N" seial number that is on a sticker at the base of the You may never know as Fender's database for guitars only goes back to 1993.


As far as I know all Fender guitars including Squire's are provided with a serial number. However, you can e-mail Jeff a discription of the guitars


If the serial number prefix is "CGF" as you indicated, that is not a Squier by Fender as guitars are made in China at the Squier factory but just branded " Fender"


This is more out of curiosity than concern, But i recently acquired a squier as a supplement to a trade and it has no indication whatsoever as to


Dating a Fender guitar with the serial number is a hit or miss propisition.. put the Fender logo on these guitars and sometimes put the new name Squier on the


The Squier by Fender Emblem on an electric guitar headstock. Squier. For Japanese Squier serial number dating, see Fender's serial number dating service.


If Japanese Squier serial number dating, dating services, see Fender serial number.. .. Other.. Dating72 wrote most of them for love with a guitar, and


The lower priced Fender guitars were made in America and could not For Japanese Squier serial number dating, see Fender's serial number dating service.


Twice Fender has made guitars that say "Squier Series" up in the ball of The serial numbers from this Squier Series is in the on-line Fender




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